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PSE&G Business Energy Saver Program

Direct Install Program

“Our partnership with PSE&G and Sustainable Jersey is meant to help the businesses that make up the backbone of our community. This program not only saves business owners money and energy, but also paves the way for a greener, more sustainable future in our community.”

— Green Teams President

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Tony Fan

About Montclair’s Campaign and PSE&G’s Business Energy Saver Program

Montclair Township has partnered with Sustainable Jersey and PSE&G to bring the Montclair Business Energy Saver Program to our community. This program will directly benefit your business by assessing your energy usage, and determining ways you could be cutting costs by becoming more energy efficient. No matter your industry, whether you rent or own, you are eligible for the free assessment. Reduce your business’ carbon footprint, save money, and join in the movement towards a more sustainable Montclair!


Click the button below to learn more, or call PSE&G at 1-844-300-7734 and tell the certified energy efficiency advisor that West Orange referred you for information about the business energy audit.

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About the Sustainable Jersey — PSE&G Energy Efficiency Partnership Program

Sustainable Jersey and PSE&G have launched a partnership to help New Jersey business owners take advantage of state-supported programs. These programs can help lower energy costs by installing energy-efficient equipment and create a safer, more comfortable environment for customers and employees.

In 2018 the New Jersey Clean Energy Act became law. In addition to setting new targets for renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions, the Act mandated that New Jersey’s public electric and gas utilities implement energy-efficiency programs and meet specific greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

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PSE&G’s Direct Install Program

Created specifically for existing small to medium-sized facilities, the Direct Install Program delivers turnkey solutions that make it easy and affordable to upgrade to energy-efficient equipment, thereby reducing energy usage.     

Direct Install Program Benefits

  • Paying for 100% of up-front costs.
  • Providing a free on-site energy audit and detailed project cost estimate.
  • Recommending energy-efficiency upgrades.
  • Executing all work through PSE&G authorized contractors.
  • Lowering energy costs by installing energy-efficient equipment.
  • Helping to increase facility operational efficiencies.
  • Creating a safer and more comfortable workplace for employees.
  • Helping meet customer environmental goals by reducing the use of outdated and inefficient equipment and supporting lower carbon footprint standards.

How the Direct Install Program Works

  • The Direct Install Program team will verify customer eligibility.
  • A PSE&G-authorized contractor will perform an energy assessment at no cost for participating customer facilities.
  • The contractor will generate a proposal outlining costs, project details and participation agreements, and obtain all approvals and signatures.
  • The customer reviews the proposal and signs off on the proposed work.
  • The PSE&G-authorized contractor submits final paperwork for processing and project initiation.
  • PSE&G performs a post-installation inspection.
  • PSE&G provides final approval process and final payment notification.

Eligible energy-efficient equipment upgrades can include:

  • Lighting, retrofit and replacement, interior and exterior
  • Heating and cooling equipment
  • Commercial refrigeration equipment

Program Eligibility

The PSE&G Direct Install Program team will verify customer eligibility for:

  • New Jersey businesses (nonresidential customers).
  • NJ businesses that have an average annual electric demand of 200 kW or less (individual facility).

There are some exclusions for customers who are located in urban enterprise zones (UEZs).


The first step to participate is to schedule a free, no-obligation business energy audit by a PSE&G-authorized contractor. 

Call PSE&G at 1-844-300-7734 or visit

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